Strategic Growth Planning with:

Strategy 360 Introduction™ PDF

Many firms state “we’ve done our annual strategic planning”.  Yet, quite often strategic plans are missing several essential elements that are the keys to accelerating sustainable growth.  Contact us to learn more about our risk free strategic planning and growth audit.

  • 360° best practice performance and priority analysis and synthesis of team perceptions

  • Synthesizing a clear vision/mission/values

  • Defining and quantifying objectives

  • Determining key strategic initiatives

  • Communicating the plan throughout the organization

  • Refining organizational processes, systems and structures

  • Developing specific time and action assignments

  • Regularly reviewing progress

  • Holding individuals accountable for results

    Sales Strategy & Sales Innovation through:

    The Stretch 100 Brochure™ PDF

    Accelerating sales growth through a sales strategy, innovation & coaching process implemented over 100 days

    • Create custom built sales strategies that are supported with coaching follow up that helps to ensure execution

    • Implement the best practices of top sales producers and managers that have dramatically increased sales

    • How to set more appointments in less time

    • How to use “Partnering Plans” that increase closing ratios and customer share

    • Discover untapped potentials with existing customers and prospects

      Profit Improvement through:

      Innovation 100 Brochure™ PDF

      A facilitated process that will uncover millions/billions in profit improving innovation over 100 days

      • Principles of innovation & how to apply them

      • How to build an innovation culture if needed the team will build a set of innovation values, their own rules for the innovation culture and how they will reinforce that culture throughout the team

      • Skills of innovation, how to build them in your self and others

      • The innovation process and how to facilitate it with individuals and teams

      • The build out of personal innovation plans, with a commitment to follow up in 100 days

      • The workshop closes with each individual presenting the areas around which they will facilitate innovation over the next 100 days, feedback is gathered on how others may help and a vote is taken to determine who has the most aggressive yet realistic plan, optional follow up session can occur mid-way through the process and at 100 days

        Executive Coaching – Top Echelon Strategic Growth Consulting & Advisory Support

        • Strategic growth coaching, especially with the owners, CEO, President or other top leaders

        • Optimizing individual performance with personalized coaching.

        • Providing personal growth assessment and strategies

        • Mentoring of professional development needs

        • Analysis of ongoing problems/concerns/opportunities

        • Offering experienced, professional objectivity

        • Acting as a ‘touchstone’ for effective leadership practices

        • Creating desired organizational change/growth as a top down approach

        • How to Get the Most from the Coaching Process PDF

          Customer Potential Discovery Surveys – The C-Level Process™ (see also our sister site:

          Discovering everything you always wanted to know about your customers and their perceptions, but were unable to ask

          • Opportunities for additional sales that have been passed over

          • The potentials and pitfalls of future products and services

          • Perceptions of your organization vs. the competition

          • Opportunities for innovation and service improvement

          • Why they buy, why they don\’t buy more, what else they will buy

          • What they see to be your competitive advantages and weaknesses

          • Create objective proofs of your advantages

            Presentations / Speakers / Facilitators

            • Speakers on most any business topic, both motivational and practical

            • Facilitators for management retreats, customer sessions, distributor conferences and more

            • The C-Level Meeting Recaps™ – recording, synopsizing and distribution of meeting summary points in entertaining and engaging formats so that you can insure the ROI on your meeting investment and help to increase the effectiveness on the follow through of your meetings objectives – this product has helped many companies recoup million dollar investments that “would have otherwise been lost, without the reminding and incentivizing the team to implement” – a unique solution that can help to re-engage your far flung field force well past the infrequent meetings

              M&A/Major Account / Deal Strategizing, Planning and Coaching

              • M&A strategic preparation, evaluation and untapped customer potential assessment

              • Optimization of strategy and approach to large account sales opportunities

              • Facilitation of negotiation strategy around major negotiations