Customized Keynotes for Conferences Including Results From Customer Interviews & On Stage Member Interviews

These videos are samples of how we customize presentations to groups. We can include the results of our interviews with your customers, members, leadership, and more as well as live interviews with customers, members, and/or others.

Partial Listing of Custom Speech Topics Created for Past Clients

Below is a partial list of sample sub-topics that can be incorporated into most any program and customized to your situation.

Growth or Bust! Proven Strategies to Grow Your Business

Mark Faust’s interactive program is about how any CEO can facilitate efforts to accelerate growth at their organization through the use of strategies and innovation in management, marketing and/or sales for significant increase on both revenues and profitability. CEO’s actual top constraints to growth are gathered at the beginning of the program and any opportunities not addressed in the outline are covered by the program’s end. Participants will walk away with the following:

  • How to facilitate innovation in all areas of your company and build a team’s sensitivity to profit

  • How to find and fill in the missing elements of your strategy for growth

  • Tools on how to reduce conflict and improve role focus

  • Strategies on how to improve average deal/customer size and margins

  • Strategies for tapping into the untapped potential of your existing customer base

  • How to set your sales team on a continuous improvement process that will impact profits 

The Leader’s Guide to Growth Strategy

This session is aimed for presidents, CEO’s and other top leaders who want to learn of specific insights on how to facilitate improvements in their strategy and team that will accelerate growth and increase profitability.

Humanity in the Workplace:
How to Create a Sustainable Competitive Advantage with Improved Cultural Health & Happiness

Sandy Costa, who helped build a company from $70mm to $1.6b in 6 years as president and COO, and Mark Faust who has facilitated dozens of cultural turnarounds, walk through a practical program any company would benefit from implementing. Regardless of the health and happiness in your culture, this program can help you reach the next level.

How To Facilitate Accelerated Sales Growth

In working with literally hundreds of sales professionals who have doubled their production in less than 100 days, Echelon has been able to compile some of the most commonly used strategies that have lead to such rapid sales growth. This program can be customized to your industry and specific developmental needs within your team.

The Seven Strategies to Build Sales & Team

A look at the attributes of top performance teams and how leaders and teams can incorporate these principles and specific techniques into building their business family.

Masters of Influence and Rapport Building:
The Science of Listening

How to develop skills that allow one to create an almost instant rapport. We look at some of the most successful therapists and see how their rapport building skills can be applied to our client, employee and family relationships to help strengthen relationships.

Sell Profit Not Product with Consultative Selling:
The F.O.C.U.S. Questioning Method™

Turning your sales force into a team of consultants and integrated partners with your clients will do more to increase profitability and eliminate price wars than any other single step you can take. In this speech, learn how to make that transition.

Non-Traditional Methods of Motivating and Building the Team

Focusing the team on mission critical habits that effect profit and productivity. How to give praise to one without causing bitterness or jealousy in others. The most effective ways to push people to the higher echelon of team. How to light the fire of commitment of the team by discovering the fires of each individual.

Developing Successful Sales Strategies & Sales Process Reengineering

How the individual and sales team can most effectively map out a strategic vision. These strategy maps break down annual goals to hour by hour foci of work that lead to increased focus, sales and overall productivity. Sales process mapping is also discussed as a tool to redesign the work flow of the selling process to decrease the selling cycle and increase selling ratios.

Echelon Management:
Developing Accountability with Your Team

One of the most powerful tools in self motivation and the motivation of others is accountability. This was the basis of Druckers MBO (Management By Objectives) and many other management techniques. Echelon Management takes very unique approach to creating a much more powerful accountability factor. This approach also builds in a constant quality enhancement process for the sales team or whatever team that may apply this type of tool to developing accountability.

Getting in Control:
Stress, Time, and Life Management

The techniques and tools for enhancing the productivity, quality and focus with your family, career and community while maintaining balance. Implementing these concepts can increase productivity by an hour each day, reduce stress, cut costs and increase control over information and communications.


“The value to attendees is that Faust’s program is full of ideas that hit the bottom line of any type of organization, everyone walked away with practical insights.”

“One unique aspect of Mark’s  program on Growth is that a literal checklist is created throughout the session, it helped me to prioritize the top constraints to growth and create a step-by-step action plan, his checklist corresponded to his book, Growth or Bust! which we were then able to use as a detailed follow up resource, I had the entire management team read it, as well as the sales team members and each reported out on it. Great ideas for all.”

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Unlike most presenters who memorize wrote speeches with generic lessons, our presentations are customized to your meeting theme, recent successes and future opportunities. This custom weaving into your unique needs is possible because we will interview a portion of your leadership, team and customers to insure a fuller understanding of your business and unique growth opportunities.